What is legal tech?

The term legal tech refers to the automation of legal services. The focus is on IT technology.

You can think of recent developments in the field of artificial intelligence, but also the use of software for legal processes.

  1. Legal tech started by automating things like keeping track of billable hours, template documents, and client files that are accessible everywhere. This allowed lawyers to work more efficiently, although the way of working remained fundamentally the same.
  2. The second step in legal tech was the introduction of easily accessible databases. Lawyers could gain quick access to model contracts, knowledge and relevant case law. This resulted in greater efficiency.
  3. The third legal tech step is not just about efficiency because it fundamentally changes legal work. How can software help provide insight into a legal situation? Can you develop an information management system that ensures clear accountability within the privacy area?

Lawyers will not become redundant, but their activities will change fundamentally.

Lawyers and businesses can now rely on software to remain accountable, without the need to verify everything themselves. An interesting development!